Water, vine and wine

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In France watering vines has been allowed only recently and in very specific conditions.

Nevertheless, some countries (Spain, Portugal, California, Australia) have been irrigating their vines for many years.
Water is necessary for vine development by providing nutrients. Roots draw water from the soil and subsoil.
Old wine growers used to claim that for the vine to be beautiful, you had to make it suffer... By this, they understood that the longer the roots, the more its characteristics really reflect the terroir.
Château Bizard, located under Mediterranean skies, has to try and balance its water provision.
Being planted on sloping hillsides saves us from stagnant water in the event of heavy rains.
However, we have chosen not to grow grass between rows so as to capture the maximum amount of rain water.
Constant mechanical work on the soils makes them more permeable and we refuse to water our plantations even if a long drought period might stop the grape from ripening.

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