Renowned land since the 17th century

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Allan, the village where Château Bizard is located, has been well known for wine-growing since the 17th century.
This village lies in the southern part of the Rhône Valley.
The land is very specific in that the subsoil is composed of gravelly clay and hard limestone.
Generous sunshine and the famous "Mistral" wind from the north of the Rhône Valley are natural factors guaranteeing a high quality production.

The terrroir is sometimes tyrannical!
The vineyard is characterised by a combination of natural elements: type of soil, type of subsoil, exposure and climate.
The key to soils lies in their water balance, generally deficient or slightly positive.
The type of soil affects the vineyard’s characteristics although the terroir should be compatible with the rootstocks of the selected grape varieties.

The soils at Château Bizard allow us to produce round, powerful and aromatic wines.

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