Production Hygiene

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In former times, when our ancestors worked the land, they let nature take its course, for better or worse, in sometimes suspicious hygiene conditions. In today's wine industry, we aim to impose hygiene throughout the whole wine-making process: from harvesting to bottling.
However, from one wine-producing estate to another, strictness in the cleaning and disinfection procedures can vary widely.
Nevertheless, this is a constant concern at Château Bizard and making full use of all his experience and knowledge, the manager is unusually demanding about this for a private winery.
Indeed, he is convinced that applying varying hygiene levels can lead to deviations from an analytical and sensorial point of view.
A strict level of hygiene leads to:
  • perfect hygiene for equipment and premises
  • good safety from the point of view of fermentation ducts better wine quality in both analytical and sensorial terms (colour, odour, aroma, on the palate)
  • better conservation and good evolution for the wines over time.

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