Gilbert & Gaillard Château Bizard wines presented in the Gilbert & Gaillard Wine Guide

p.832 - Château Bizard red "Serre de Courrent 2006"
Aged in oak barrels. Sustained colour, purple nuances. Nose is redolent of ripe fruit, stone fruits, woody note responding to spiced perfumes. Supple attack, quite powerful, firmer evolution. A structured wine, well connected.
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p.833 - Château Bizard red "Serre de Courrent 2005"
Aged in oak barrels, sustained colour, after long breathing period the nose delivers woody, spicy and stone fruit notes. Powerful and structured on the palate, a little firm, presenting good balance. A solid style, frank, for grilled meat or meat in sauce.
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p.833 - Château Bizard red "Montagne de Raucoule 2006"
Sustained colour, purple reflections. Nose overwhelmed with ripe red fruit, complemented with spices. A supple style, quite powerful where we can appreciate peppery aromas. Good Rhône wine expression to be appreciated with grilled meat.
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p.833 - Château Bizard red "Montagne de Raucoule 2007"
Sustained colour, violet-purple. Distinctive nose, young and fresh. Deliciously spiced on a background of ripe fruit. Fleshy and solid on the palate, seduces with its aroma. Pretty Mediterranean personality.
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p.834 - Château Bizard red "La Grangette 2007"
Sustained colour, purple reflections. Expressive nose mixing ripe red fruits and a note of garrigue and spices. Holds well on the palate, fleshy style, perfumed, structured. To be savoured with grilled or roast meat.

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