Environment and reasoned culture

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There are four different ways of growing vines
Conventional agriculture, reasoned agriculture, organic agriculture and bio-dynamics.
Producing wines by means of organic viticulture was recognised by law in the early 1980s although it is important to understand that we would be wrong to talk about ORGANIC WINES here...
The "organic" quality or the organic farming only refers to vine and grapes up to vine harvest and not to the wine that is produced.

We will therefore talk about organically grown wine.

An organic wine producer, just like a conventional wine producer, must use a certain number of substrates in their work or their production will turn to vinegar.
The extra production costs for organics are generated by more work time and less yield per hectare.
Château Bizard has designed its quality policy to respect Consumers but also to preserve its vines with weighted, well thought-out production demonstrating a concern for transparency.
To this end, we practise reasoned agriculture

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