Chateau Bizard

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It is thanks to wine and because of wine that my life changed radically at a time when people of my generation are generally starting to consider their retirement.
My family is no stranger to this destiny. My mother adored this property and the idea that one of her children might take over the land run by her father, grandfather and even great-grandfather, to return it to its original vocation made her immensely happy.
In 1980, Bizard was a large building in poor condition with only 3 hectares of land.
A lot of water has passed under the bridge since taking over the property. I can't even begin to describe how many meetings, arguments, interventions, declarations, quotes, studies, torrents of words, deluges of written documents have been required not only to rebuild the property, but also to extend, transform, fit out and modernise it!

We intended to work on our first harvest in 2003, and so almost a quarter of a century went by.... 23 years of constant energy and hard work and we were finally ready to take on the wine world of today!

Why on earth did I decide to throw myself into this...
The heart has its reasons that reason itself does not understand… of course!
However, wine brings people together:  it establishes a dialogue, invites us to take part in giving, listening, looking, sensing, smelling, tasting and sharing. Being a wine-producer is such a great job!
We should get together and talk about it together, over a few glasses of wine!

Marc Lépine

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