Protected designation of origin

Bizardine 2016

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Price per bottle : 24.00 TTC

Grape varieties

Grenache noir 100%

Features of this wine

This vintage wine is made from our
best Grenache Noir grapes, picked
once overripe. During the winemaking,
an addition of pure wine alcohol
stops the fermentation: the resulting
fortified wine “naturally” remains
sweet. Afterwards, a long ageing
in barrels allows a harmonious
integration of aromas and a slow
maturation of the tannins.
Colour reaches a deep garnet red
with mahogany rim. Nose surprises
by its complexity. Very appealing
fruity aromas -Morello cherry,
prune, fig- seduce the palate for
an aperitif, a blue cheese or a
chocolate desser

Bizardine 2016

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