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It was in 1862 that Eugène Missol, the Great-Great-Grandfather of the current owners, planted the vine fields on the higher sloping hillsides, south of the small village of Allan. This was the start of the family's wine-growing adventure.

His son, Adrien Missol, and then his grandson, Eugène Missol Legoux, continued this wine-making passion and developed the business.  At the time, the wine was (still) exported in barrels to Belgium and the Netherlands under the name "Côtes du Rhône".

In 1900, building a 1,500 hectolitre vat covered with glass slabs already demonstrated the intention to substitute the old oak tuns with a less expensive and better adapted technological solution.
(This obsolete vat was demolished in 2003. A family chapel dedicated to Our Lady of the Vines took its place).

Marc and Marie Lépine, direct descendants, took up Château Bizard's wine-making vocation in 1980, demonstrating their generosity and rigour. 

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