Le vieillissement en fûts de chênes de nos vins

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Oxygen acts on the wine's components and matures them.
Pasteur demonstrated that, despite all precautions, wine can absorb oxygen in many ways, even through barrel wood.
Oxygen is not the only thing to act in the barrels.
The wood itself is a maturing factor. It provides elements: tannin, vanillin, etc…
The "oxygen and oak" combination accelerates aging.
Standard aging times vary with the characteristics of the wine and the vintages (harvests).
At Château Bizard, the "Serre de Courrent" vintages remain in the barrel for between 12 and 14 months, one third renewed every year.
The spectrum is subtle. Oak wood comes from different origins with an average heating level.
Barrel aging stabilises the colour, improves the roundness and plays the anti-oxidising effect.

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